VONK, Electrical & instrumentation and control & automation solution provider

In the Dutch Climate Agreement (“Klimaatakkoord”), published on 28th June 2019 by Dutch Minister Eric Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the CO2 reduction goals are ambitious. The goal is to be fully climate neutral in 2050 on a European level, with an intermediate goal of 49% CO2 reduction by 2030, compared to 1990 emissions. For the Dutch industry sector the intermediate goal is set even higher, at 59%. The combination of VONK and Ampulz provides precisely the right solutions to help achieve these targets.

With their joint heritage of over more than 80 years, VONK and Ampulz are international solution providers for electrical & instrumentation (E&I), control & automation (C&A) and power conversion challenges in all kinds of industries (oil & gas, (petro)chemical, manufacturing industry, defence, infrastructure and energy (nuclear, biomass, conventional). Our passionate people have the know-how to design, develop and engineer renewable power generation, distribution, storage and power conversion solutions which have a positive impact on your carbon footprint. Reliable, flexible, capable: we are a company you can rely on to get the job done and most importantly, save you time and money and help reach your climate goals. Even though every client is unique and each project is approached differently, our mission remains the same: finding an innovative solution to the most complex of energy related challenges.

VONK and Ampulz – Enabling your energy transition

  • Making power supply to industrial plant processes more sustainable and more efficient
  • Implementing advanced Power Conversion solutions, e.g. for DC grids, electrolysers,fuel cells, battery storage systems and uranium enrichment
  • Electrification of industrial processes,replacing fossil fuels as energy source
  • Providing green energy on offshore O&G platforms in operation or decommissioning stage (solar, wind and/or wave energy)
  • Solving congestion management problems in the electricity grid by smart energy storage and time shifting
  • Providing 100% green power to induced current cathodic corrosion protection systems for offshore